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Significant Changes Ahead for PFC Program

October 8, 2019

Just over a year ago, Congress passed a multi-year FAA reauthorization bill that will fundamentally change the Passenger Facility Charge program. Although the bill left the stagnant PFC cap in place, the legislation included a number of welcome PFC-related provisions that should help reduce the regulatory burden on airports.

During consideration of the FAA bill, lawmakers endorsed two key airport-backed proposals: They agreed to streamline the PFC application process for more airports, and they finally eliminated the so-called “significant contribution” test for large and medium hub airports.

Now the ball is in the FAA’s court, and the agency is responsible for implementing the PFC streamlining provisions and a long list of other mandates in the 1,200-page reauthorization bill.

Deputy FAA Administrator Dan Elwell discussed PFC streamlining with lawmakers when he testified on Capitol Hill last week. Elwell indicated that the agency “is making excellent progress in developing a proposed approach to a new pilot program, while also identifying opportunities to improve the existing process in the interim.”

FAA Deputy Administrator Dan Elwell

FAA Deputy Administrator Dan Elwell Discusses PFC Streaming During a Hearing Before the House Aviation Subcommittee on September 26.

Learn more about the changes that Congress made to the PFC program and how the FAA plans to implement the streamlining requirements at the upcoming AAAE and RICONDO Passenger Facility Charges and Rates and Charges Workshop. These must-attend events are being held from October 21-23 in Savannah, Georgia.

It can be challenging to keep track of the all the changes to the PFC program and to be up to date on the numerous issues related to airport rates and charges. The upcoming workshops will provide attendees with a chance to compare notes and hear directly from FAA officials, airport representatives, and other experts who can help you navigate PFCs and Rates and Charges.

We have a great lineup of speakers and topics this year. Those who attend the 2019 PFC Workshop can look forward to timely and educational discussions including a session on best practices for terminal expansion projects. On the Rates and Charges front, we’ll explore airport bonds, cost center allocations, and how to manage airline rate setting.

We hope you’ll join for the AAAE and RICONDO Passenger Facility Charges and Rates and Charges Workshop, and we look forward to seeing you in Savannah later this month!