Michelle Bassenesi

Senior | Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach

I am currently in my last class at ERAU Daytona Beach, FL (Aircraft Crash & Emergency Management) before my Capstone. In October I will be starting my Executive MBA at Hult, London. During this term’s class I even get to tour the firefighting facilities of a nearby airport. I am doing the paperwork to visit Ciampino. The intention of my assignment is to use what I learn during the course to ask questions about what goes on at a functional airport fire station to respond to aircraft accidents and emergencies. During my visit, once I receive the permission to visit and do the research the facility, I may even get to gather information on the facility's approach to response planning, mutual aid agreements, extinguishing agents, equipment, staffing, airport category and support, and firefighter training. I look forward to this visit and to completing my assignment. Please find my online resume at the following link: http://www.aweu.org/ext_files/CURRICULUM_VITAE_Michelle_Bassanesi.pdf and please find attached a selfie I took while at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in downtown Rome. The exhibition I went to see during this holiday period is called: Hollywood Icons, and there are photographs from the John Kobal Foundation. A rich survey of the great stars of the classic era of Hollywood movies highlighting the work of the photographers responsible for creating their glittering images. I will make you proud. Thank you for your support.