Kendall Clayton

Junior | Eastern Kentucky University

When it comes to schooling, many things can be intimidating. In a world full of fluctuation and change, school, to many, can seem out of reach. Whether it is the cost continuously increasing or the demand of certain occupations decreasing, schooling and finding a fitting degree can certainly become overwhelming. I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to receive scholarships that make bettering my education possible, allowing me to expand my knowledge and put it to use in the world. I am beyond thankful to have a father that is both encouraging and inspiring. I am grateful to have been able to observe him as he prepared to receive his AAE from the AAAE Foundation and work hard towards his goal with only success in mind. He worked through the difficulties and persevered and that is something that the AAAE Foundation scholarship means to me. To be able to have a scholarship to make the stress of paying for school not as taxing is something I will always be thankful for, as it allows room for my curiosity to grow and the possibilities to be endless. As I go into my Junior year at Eastern Kentucky University, I am continuing my education towards a Bachelor degree in Music Marketing. I am thoroughly enjoying my classes and am set to graduate a semester early! I just finished up a summer Marketing internship and am extremely excited for what my future has in store. My father showed me that loving what you do makes work not feel like a chore and makes moving up the ladder of success more of an attainable goal when others can see you truly loving what you do. The AAAE Foundation scholarship has certainly allowed for me to be comfortable enough with my schooling in order to attain my degree doing something I truly enjoy doing.