Dallas Crotty

University of Texas - Arlington

The AAAE Foundation scholarship has been a major benefit to my college experience and I cannot express my gratitude at being chosen as a recipient. For the past four years I have attended the University of Oklahoma on a generous scholarship package, and with the additional help form the AAAE Foundation, I was able to graduate with no debt and earn my Bachelor’s degree. Graduating debt free has allowed me financial independence and has given me freedom in choosing which path I pursue. The financial opportunities provided me the opportunity to study abroad while in college and become a global learner, as well as complete minors in history and psychology. I was able to participate in multiple organizations on campus, where I was able to grow as a leader and find ways to turn my passions into meaningful opportunities. It is with the support and assistance of the AAAE Foundation, as well as my generous parents, that I was able to complete my education at the University of Oklahoma, an out of state school that might not have been a possibility. I graduated in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in general physical chemistry. I am currently continuing my education at the University of Texas at Arlington and completing prerequisite courses while I apply for acceptance into a master’s program. I am currently hoping to earn a master’s in occupational therapy and serve my community by working as a pediatric occupational therapist.