Julia Renner

University of Cincinnati

My scholarship from the AAAE Foundation has allowed me to pursue my educational goal of becoming an Industrial Designer. The costs associated with my degree go beyond tuition, with a requirement for purchasing a great deal of materials and supplies. The scholarship money has also given me the freedom to get involved in sports and activities on campus. I joined the Equestrian Team, which not only led to an exploration of western and hunt seat riding, but also ideas for products for my industrial design portfolio: a new saddle bag and hoof picks. In addition, I donate my time to Design for America (an organization that creates graphics and products to solve problems and better the community) as well as the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA). I am also participating in the Design, Art, Architecture, & Planning College (DAAP) Tribunal Mentorship Program, where I meet with senior students to learn how cooperative education helps to gain real-world insight of the life of an Industrial Designer.