Jaxyn Ryks

Sophomore | Davenport University

My name is Jaxyn Ryks, and I am currently in my Sophomore year at Davenport University in Grand Rapids Michigan. While at Davenport University I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Management, along with a Master’s of Business Administration. During my experience in high school at the West Michigan Aviation Academy, I was able graduate with my Private Pilot’s license, along with entering college with almost a full credit year completed. The generosity of the AAAE foundation and all its donors, has extensively aided in my abilities to be successful in college and in life. College debt has become a harsh reality for most college students of my generation, and every scholarship aids significantly. This scholarship will help me continue my pursuit of a position in the aviation business field. Aviation has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I am excited to see where it brings me. I am grateful to those that donate towards the foundation, and assure that these scholarships make a significant impact on the lives of the recipients, and for the future of the aviation industry.