IROPS Toolkit

Airport Emergency Contingency Plan Template

The Department of Transportation has established a web address for the filing of contingency plans to enable covered U.S. airlines and airports to easily submit their required plans online. Carriers must use this system to submit their plans rather than sending the plans to the Department by mail or email. 

US DOT Requirements and Other Resources

Official Notice of Requirement for Airports to Submit Tarmac Delay Plans

National Taskforce to Develop model Contingency Plans to Deal with Lengthy Airline On-board Ground Delays

Airport Information Network

The Airport Information Network (AIN) is a free service provided by PASSUR in support of the industry's response to the challenge of coordinating information and situational awareness during IROPS on a collaborative platform. Users can check the live status of all participating airports, track diversions en route and on the ground, and view FAA OIS alerts by airport. Participating airports can post airfield status in real time with textual and visual alerts.

Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP)

Guidebook for Airport Irregular Operations (IROPS) Contingency Planning

From ACRP: The Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 65: Guidebook for Airport Irregular Operations (IROPS) Contingency Planning is designed to help guide commercial passenger service airports of all sizes to develop, continually evaluate, and update their contingency plans for procedures pertaining to irregular operations (IROPS) that may cause significant disruptions to customers.

This guidebook is designed to assist aviation system partners in enhancing their response to customer care during a broad array of IROPS conditions and includes step-by-step templates for the preparation of contingency plans that include necessary communications, collaboration, and coordination to address customer needs.