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Track Preview: Planning

Brad Jacobsen
COO and Executive Vice President, Jacobsen|Daniels

Track Host
, Planning Track

The ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium being held February 21-23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, will once again feature a Planning track. The initial step of all projects is developing a plan. In this year’s track we will be discussing both legacy topics as well as the latest trends faced by airports planners. Expect sessions on land-use planning, CIP development, environmental review, and a look at upcoming technology.

The sessions are as follows:

Land Use Planning - While planning tends to focus on airfield and terminal facilities, land-use planning can be just as critical to the success of an Airport.  Learn about strategies and  best practices in land use planning to not only protect the airport assets but also ensure the greatest benefit.

Capital Improvement Planning - With CIP development playing such an integral role in the definition of future programs and expenditures, it is critical that the plan be thorough, realisitic and supportable by all the stakeholders.

Drones to Driverless - Smart phones are less than 10 years old and have revolutionized the travel experience.  Drones are here, driverless cars are on the horizon, and self-tagging baggage is becoming the norm.  What new innovations will come based on our recent experience and how do we plan for the coming technologies and their impacts to airport facilities and operations?

Environmental Approvals - Don't jeopardize the project schedule by not understanding the environmental review process and the approvals that are needed. What are the effective strategies involved in navigating this process so there are no surprises or schedule impacts?

Small Hub/Non-Hub/GA Airports - Less operations and fewer passengers perhaps, but the challenges  they face are similar to large hub airports...they just have fewer funding options.  How are small hub, non-hub and GA airports addressing thier most pressing challenges

We hope to see you in New Orleans! Be sure to view the full agenda or register today!