Airport Certified Employee Program

Airport Certified Employee (ACE) programs provide airport and military personnel, students, and others involved in the airport industry, a thorough and up-to-date certification in five disciplines:

  • Airfield Operations - A Part 139-based curriculum designed to educate and challenge airport personnel with airfield operations responsibilities or anyone interested in a related career.

  • Airfield Lighting Maintenance - An extensive curriculum based on FAA, U.S. military and international recommendations. The course is designed to provide detailed electrical theory and proven maintenance techniques while educating and challenging airport personnel with airfield lighting maintenance responsibilities.

  • Security - Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the fluid security environment. The program is an extensive curriculum based on 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – 1500 Series: TSA Regulations and the ICAO Annex 17. The Course not only meets the TSA 1542.3 requirements for Airport Security Coordinators (ASC) and alternate ASC’s, but also builds upon the existing working security knowledge of aviation professionals. Take advantage of this unique program and earn your comprehensive security certification today. Designed for aviation personnel tasked with security responsibilities from the airport, air carrier, indirect air carrier and general aviation sectors.

  • Communications - An all-encompassing curriculum designed for aviation personnel who work directly in airport communication hubs and dispatch centers. This course curriculum is tailored to address the unique operational techniques, challenges and responsibilities of the airport communication center dispatcher. It is based on a variety of techniques and recommendations from U.S. government agencies and leading industry communication organizations.

  • Airport Trusted Agent - Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the airport Credentialing Office. The curriculum provides important history that helps a Trusted Agent better understand the security platform from which they now are required to work. The course focuses on understanding the complexities that have been continuously added to the requirements for vetting, issuing, tracking and auditing airport credentials and is based on Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations– 1542 series, and TSA Security Directives.

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) - This program is based on the FAA (SNPRM) release regarding Airport Safety Management Systems and includes topics such as history of SMS, Pillars of SRM, applying SMS, Best Practice, ICAO standards, and so much more.
Earn College Credits by Completing the ACE Program!

AAAE and the University of Phoenix have teamed up to allow ACE candidates the opportunity to earn college credits toward an Associates or Bachelor’s degree offered by the University of Phoenix. Now ACE candidates who complete the program may transform this training into college credit through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program by the university. For information on the credits offered by the university for either completing the ACE self-study program or review course, check out the Credit Recommendation Guide (CRG). For additional information about the program, visit our education partnership website.