ACE Airport Trusted Agent

Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the airport Credentialing Office. The curriculum provides important history that helps a Trusted Agent better understand the security platform from which they now are required to work. The course focuses on understanding the complexities that have been continuously added to the requirements for vetting, issuing, tracking and auditing airport credentials and is based on Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations– 1542 series, and TSA Security Directives.

The Credentialing Office is the front door of the airport, and everyone passes through it.

Trusted Agents need to clearly understand the critical nature and importance of their responsibilities, so take advantage of this unique program and earn your industry recognized Trusted Agent certification today!

The instructors for the ACE Airport Trusted Agent are Carol Spear and Lori L. Beckman. Click on the links to learn more!

Program Questions? 
Contact the Training Department at
How can you earn this prestigious and unique designation? Follow these steps:
  1. Choose which ACE Program you'd like to pursue. 
  2. Pay the ACE program fee of $510.
  3. Indicate whether you would like to complete the self-study program or attend a review course.
  4. After being accepted into the program, you will receive a welcome email with detailed instructions on how to become an ACE. Your course modules will be sent to you electronically when AAAE has received payment. Exceptions may be made for those attending review courses.
  5. Complete the self-study program and pass the online exam.
  6. Sign-up for a review course, including the final exam.  Search the AAAE Training Calendar for review course dates and locations.

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Disclaimer - This program is not a substitute for the Transportation Security Administration’s guidance and directives. The intent is to supplement the existing aviation security & credentialing workforce with a foundation of knowledge that increases the awareness of the roles and responsibilities of aviation professionals.