Insider Threat Training

Are you prepared for threats from inside?

You’re trained to detect and control outside threats, but are you fully prepared to detect threats from inside the airport?

Individuals inside your airport may misuse authorized access to sensitive areas, systems and information to commit criminal, terrorist, or other illicit activities. These employees become serious threats when they try to exploit your airport security vulnerabilities to conduct their activities.

This training will help badged airport employees recognize behavior and activities which could indicate a threat to airport safety and security.

Insider Threat Training Topics Covered

  • Identifying an Insider Threat
  • Why people become threats
  • Behavioral Indicators
  • Your security responsibilities in finding and neutralizing insider threats
The airport’s safety and security is not only the job of law enforcement and security personnel. The airport depends on all workers to be additional sets of eyes and ears to help security and law enforcement teams.

Be prepared–the airport depends on you.

To successfully complete this course and receive your certificate, you must view the video and pass the 15-question, multiple choice exam with a score of 100% within three attempts.

Available on the IET-LS and Digicast training platforms.