ABT Features

  • Web-based platform (no need to install or license software or hardware)
  • Secure login with customizable user roles
  • Ability to access real-time data from any computer or mobile device
  • Downloadable financials and reports
  • Monthly financial reconciliation 

ABT is real-time.

ABT provides a real-time look into TNC traffic on your airport. No more guessing how many rides happen daily or where the activity is occurring. 

ABT is full-service.

The service is more than just reporting activity stats. ABT reconciles your totals against the self-reported documents to ensure your airport is properly compensated for the amount of traffic and processes payments each month, helping make the process smooth for your many airport departments. 

ABT is mobile.

The ABT mobile app gives your curbside personnel the ability to check activity happening on your airport right from their phone or tablet. 

ABT is customizable.

Each airport is unique with distinctive ground transportation challenges. ABT supports custom reporting features to fulfill each airport's unique need.

ABT is community.

Join the community of airports that are driving industry standards, sharing best practices, and proactively engaging with the TNCs on tomorrow's airport innovations.