Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABT?

Expanding on the solution developed by SFO, AAAE's commitment to delivering service, innovation, and results to our nation's airports brings you the AAAE App-Based Transportation (ABT) Clearinghouse. ABT is a comprehensive solution that provides airports with real-time access to TNC activity happening on airport property, facilitating curbside compliance, data analytics, and accounting reconciliation. 

Is there a mobile platform to allow for curbside monitoring of activity? 

Yes, along with the online web portal your curbside compliance personnel will have access to the ABT mobile app. The mobile app allows personnel to access the real-time data feed for the activity they are seeing right on the curb. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Does ABT assist my airport with accounting reconciliation? 

Yes, we take the real-time data and compare it to self-reported files from the TNCs and work on the airport's behalf to ensure all trip fees are accurately paid.

How does ABT get the real-time data?

ABT connects to the TNCs to provide a real-time data feed to the activity happening on your airport.  

Do I need to buy software or hardware to use ABT?

No, ABT is a fully web-based solution. No need to license software and purchase expensive hardware.

How much does ABT cost?

We understand that no two airports are alike and provide options to meet local airport business requirements and needs. We provide a scalable and customizable solution with a fee structure that meets the local operating needs of each airport.

How do I learn more about ABT or request a demonstration?

Contact AAAE  for more information or a demo.