Airport and Corporate Members

Solutions that will unify the industry and create a consistent travel experience.

Airport Steering Group

ACT is an initiative lead by airports, for airports, to identify and adopt specific innovative solutions and define uniform standards to aid in recovery from COVID-19. 


Airport Members

Participating airport members will evaluate, scope, and implement new technologies and share their results with the Airport Steering Group and other ACT members.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Boise Airport

Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport


Denver International Airport


Eugene Airport


Golden Triangle Regional Airport

Los Angeles World Airports


Memphis International Airport

Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

San Antonio International Airport


San Jose International Airport


Savannah Hilton Head

Seattle - Tacoma International Airport

Greater Toronto Airports Authority


Tucson Airport Authority

Corporate Cornerstone Partners

Industry-leading organizations will vet the categories and types of technologies and services needed to respond to the Airport Steering Group’s priorities and speed system recovery. Cornerstone partners will designate representatives who lead ACT focus areas. Cornerstone partners will participate in all dialogue with airport leadership, small groups, and the membership at large.

Planning and Engineering


Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, architects, consultants and technical specialists, working across every aspect of today’s-built environment. Within the ACT Program, Arup will help airports find new ways to understand and visualize the implications of changing travel demands. Arup will help airports define the touchless experience through innovative design.

Finance and Operations

CAG Holdings, LLC (CAG)

CAG Holdings, LLC: Founding ACT Program sponsor CAG Holdings is an investment platform for global airport infrastructure opportunities. CAG seeks opportunities to rebuild airport consumer trust and to quickly restore service to the industry. CAG will seek new technology and programs with airports to enact protocols to improve terminal wellness while minimizing the impact on airport operations.

Touchless Technology

Materna IPS

Materna IPS delivers automated integrated passenger services for airports and airlines. As a Cornerstone Partner, Materna IPS will identify new solutions for the self-service experience at airports that easily implements touchless and biometric technology for passengers and airport personnel.

Building Management Systems, Security and Electrification

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leading digital transformation, energy management and automation company. As a Cornerstone Partner, Schneider Electric will evaluate new solutions for critical airport infrastructure components surrounding building management, security systems and cost-effective modes of electrification.

Development Leaders

The Development Leaders are the essential and established experts on practical, proven, scalable and sustainable solutions that will endure. Those technology providers and consultants that want to test and pilot NEW programs and technology will present their solutions addressing an area defined by the Cornerstone Partners to the Airport Steering Group.




Contributing Members

Contributing Members are stakeholders who want access to the ACT Recovery Resource Clearinghouse and to understand and inform airport needs by attending and participating in ACT meetings and events. 

Ernst & Young LLP

JFK International Air Terminal

Kaplan Kirsch Rockwell

Morgan Stanley

Swanson Rink