Why We Exist

Created by AAAE in 2015, the Airport Innovation Accelerator’s goal is to bring better solutions to the airport community more quickly through community, mentoring and services. 
Our community exists to foster innovation through close collaboration between airports, government partners, strategic partners, investors, and innovators of all shapes and sizes. By cultivating open discussion about real needs, we aim to bring better solutions to airports more quickly. 
We offer mentoring and a range of services to help innovators navigate the airport market. Through our community and services, the Accelerator also looks to add new solutions to AAAE's suite of airport services. 

The Airport Innovation Accelerator is:

  • A Hub for Airport Innovation, connecting Airports, Government, Innovators, and Investors
  • A Voice for Airports to the Innovation Community
  • A Mentor to Promising Solution Providers
  • A Connector to Government Initiatives Related to Airports
  • An Expert Source to Validate Product-Market Need
  • A Funnel to and for Investors

The Airport Innovation Accelerator is NOT:

  • a Seed Fund
  • a Testing Lab
  • an Incubator (providing space and other resources for early stage start-ups)
  • a simplified marketing platform
  • a quasi-government think-tank


Want to learn more about the AAAE Airport Innovation Accelerator? Let us know how we can serve your airport, company, organization, or university.

        Carter Morris
Executive Vice President, AAAE Services
703.824.0500 ext 131