Airport Shark Tank

The Airport Shark Tank is where innovators test their ideas on stage with airport industry leaders. Start-up companies looking to bring innovation to airports are given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to our panel of judges and the audience of airport leaders. Each team is competing for a slot in the Airport Market Match program. Presenters gain valuable exposure to investors, airport decision makers, government executives, and potential industry partners. 

2018 Forum Shark Tank

Want to put your company in front of our airport leaders? Complete the online form to enter your company for a chance to feature during the Airport Shark Tank at the Fourth Annual Innovation Forum. Companies that are chosen to present will be given advance notice of their selection. 

2017 Forum Shark Tank Winners (RECAP)

The companies below tied as the winners of the 2017 Forum Shark Tank held at the 3rd Annual Innovation Forum in Seattle, WA.

 Teaching computers to perceive
Alitheon brings a basket of technologies aimed at teaching computers to recognize and perceive the world around them. We are actively engaged in providing solutions for airline baggage handling, supply chain management, as well as providing consumers and brands with better means of counterfeit protection. Our domains of interest promise significant cost savings, retention of revenue, and the immeasurable outcomes of security and safety.

What is Sleepbox? Sleep vending machines for public spaces and hotels. Sleepbox hotel module requires only 45sq ft. High Tech solutions to enrich users’ experiences. Highly customizable in features and design. Simple installation requires only regular electric outlets. Made in the USA. 

2017 Security Shark Tank Winners (RECAP)

The company below won the winner the 2017 Security Shark Tank held at the 15th Annual AAAE/TSA/DHS Security Summit in Arlington, VA.

ELERTS develops best-in-class emergency communication software, empowered by community-sourced reporting of safety and security concerns. The company is the leading provider to transit agencies for See Something Say Something apps. ELERTS cloud-based approach leverages smartphone technologies to provide robust, bidirectional communication between multiple parties. ELERTS mobile technology integrates with video surveillance, access control and mass-notification systems to provide actionable information for first responders