Market Maker

You could spend millions hiring consultants to help you penetrate emerging markets – but is that effective? Is it profitable? What if one member of your team that had the unique ability to inform and influence the entire airport community across airport leaders, DHS, FAA, airlines, concessionaires, and over 700 Million passengers that flow through US airports every year?

The Airport Innovation Accelerator brings together AAAE’s 5,000+ airport executive members representing over 800 airports, as well as AAAE’s contacts across the regulatory and legislative arena to help forge the future of the aviation industry. The Accelerator has over 250 of the most innovative leaders at airports on call, as well as a growing number of active Airport Partners like LAWA, SFO, SEA, ATL, and MIA.

How can you make the Accelerator work for you? By joining the Airport Market Maker Program

What to Expect

The Airport Market Maker Program will brand your organization as a thought leader and driver of innovation. But it’s not just marketing goodwill. Airport Market Maker participants receive hands-on, customized support to drive results around top business priorities.

Before being accepted into Market Maker, candidate companies must self-identify their top 3 priorities for impact in the airport market. The priorities can be driven by solution, customer (airport or government), or industry trend.


Once accepted, you'll shape the industry with:

  • Exclusive access to airport leaders
  • Insight into key government initiatives (DHS, FAA, etc) in aviation
  • First right of refusal to new companies in Market Match and other Accelerator programs like the Shark Tank
  • Access to the entire airport market from one central place

Join Today

Ready to get started? Contact Chris Runde, Director, Airport Innovation Accelerator at 703.797.2560 or