Preparation for the ACE Airport Finance Course

How to Prepare

After registration you will receive a welcome email with a link to the electronic copy of the five Body of Knowledge Modules. You will be able to download them to any device and/or print them. If you wish to purchase a printed copy of the modules you may order hard copies at a cost of $50. You will NOT receive printed modules at the session but you will receive a course workbook. 

Prior to the course, be sure to read and the study modules thoroughly. We recommend a minimum of four weeks of intensive study. The more time you can commit to preparing ahead of time, the better you will be able to perform on the exam and you must score 70% or greater to achieve the ACE certification.

What to Bring

  • Body of Knowledge Modules 
    Please note you can print the electronic version provided by AAAE, use an electronic version on your laptop/iPad, or order hard copies
  • Writing utensils, highlighters, and post it notes
  • Index cards if you would like to make flashcards to study

Best practices

  • Index cards that you create yourself are a great self quizzing tool
  • Study groups help you hold yourself accountable for dedicating time to study
  • Find a study partner to quiz you, they don't have to be in the program
  • Repetition causes retention so review materials several times