NOTE: The agenda below is from the 2018 conference and is provided for historical reference until the 2019 agenda is available.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

1-5 p.m. Registration
3-4:45 p.m.   Session #1: Airport Law 101
    This session provides a basic explanation for how and why airport law is not the same as aviation law, the law governing  other transportation modes, or more general municipal law. This session explores the manner in which the federal government  (primarily, but not exclusively, the FAA) regulates airports and the activities of airport proprietors. The session discusses those areas where federal regulation is pervasive, where legal authority is shared, and where there is only limited federal regulatory oversight.  It provides an introduction to common terms and legal relationships among the various stakeholders and provides background for new attendees at the conference and people who may be experienced lawyers but new to the field of airport law.

    Peter J. Kirsch, Attorney │ Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP
John E. Putnam, Attorney │ Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP
4:45-5:45 p.m.   Session #2: Research Tools in Airport Law
    This session introduces research tools and the non-traditional sources for airport law. It offers guidance on finding FAA policies, guidance, regulations, directives, and other critical legal sources that are not common in other fields of law. It also provides a roadmap to take advantage of the Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program legal research digests and original research reports on topics of interest to the airport community. The TRB staff member responsible for overseeing the research program provides an update on the latest reports and discusses forthcoming research topics. This is a highly interactive session where lawyers learn best practices for legal research and how to distinguish among different sources and their relative significance and importance in different legal contexts.
Marci A. Greenberger, Senior Program Officer │ Transportation Research Board
Nicholas M. Clabbers, Attorney │ Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP
6-7:30 p.m.   Opening Reception

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