Announcing our New Partner - Future Travel Experience

Chris Runde
Director, Airport Innovation Accelerator

Earlier today we issued a press release announcing the first set of airports to sign on as partners of the Airport Innovation Accelerator. In addition to the great testimonials from airports leaders below, I wanted to share 3 more points that highlight a bright future for airport innovation:

1) A Strong Desire for Innovation: behind these quotes are a set of true innovators that are committed to driving meaningful change in airports. 

2) Commitment to Action: innovation without action is daydreaming. The airport leaders I have the privilege of working with are all focused on what can we do and acting on it.

3) Serving the Greater Industry: without exception the airport leaders are driving toward enhancements and innovations that can be applied across the airport community. This is truly a movement by airports, for airports.

Be sure to join leaders from our partner airports at the Airport Innovation Forum this October 11-13 in Silicon Valley.

Testimonials from Innovative Airport Leaders

LAWA CEO Deborah Flint: “Partnering with AAAE’s Airport Innovation Accelerator gives us a unique opportunity to create meaningful change that will drive the future passenger experience. We will explore innovative and technological advancements in facility design and create efficiencies, world-class services and amenities that modern travelers expect and deserve.”

SFO Airport Director Ivar C. Satero: “SFO is proud to be an airport industry leader, serving a region of innovation. For us, revolutionizing the airport experience requires productive partnerships, and we are excited to join with AAAE and fellow airports on the Airport Innovation Accelerator.”

SEA Managing Director Lance Lyttle: “The Port of Seattle embraces and incorporates innovation in everything we do, from environment stewardship and our business practices to the introduction of new aviation industry technologies. We are excited to be in the Accelerator program to help champion innovative approaches to solving challenges faced by travelers and tenants. We want to help lead the way to promising new technologies. Innovation is in our DNA.”

SAN Vice President of Operations Angela Shafer-Payne: “Pursuing new, innovative ways to provide first-class service to our passengers and tenants is a challenge we welcome every day. The Airport Innovation Accelerator will open the door for airports to connect with those businesses that can provide the services and solutions customers are looking for, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

SJC Director of Aviation Kim Becker: “Our airport was born in the heart of Silicon Valley and we believe that cultivating creativity and collaboration is what makes airports great. Signing on to the Accelerator was an obvious move for our airport and we are excited to host this year’s Airport Innovation Forum to showcase the future of airports.”