Recognizing Excellence

Airport Innovation Award

Selection Process

The Airport Innovation Accelerator is excited announce this year's Airport Innovation Award in the categories of: 'Most Innovative Airport’, 'Most Innovative Company', and 'Most Innovative Individual'. The purpose of these awards is to recognize airports, companies, and individuals, that have gone above and beyond with their innovative initiatives. The selection committee carefully will consider the eligible nominations for the award and will recommend the recipient(s) and citations to the Awards Committee for consideration. Each year the awards will be announced at the Annual Innovation Accelerator Forum.


  1. Award recipients are required to attend the AIA Forum.
  2. A minimum of four eligible nominations are required before a committee may select an award recipient.

Award Nomination Requirements

  1. Completed award nomination form.
  2. Brief citation stating the accomplishments that make the nominee deserving of this particular award and an explanation highlighting why this is most innovative airport, company, or individual.

Nominations should be specific about the achievements for which the award is proposed. Clear, concise information about the accomplishments of the nominee is more useful than extensive materials. Incomplete nominations will be returned or held for consideration when complete.

Nomination Deadlines

Nomination Deadline  June 8, 2017
Innovation Awards Presented at the Third Annual Innovation Forum  July 12, 2017