Airports Driving Innovation

Airport Partner Program

Is your Airport Innovative?

The Accelerator Airport Partner Program (A2P2) is for innovative airports that want to lead the industry. 

Here are a few reasons you may want to join:

  • Be the first to pilot groundbreaking ideas in passenger experience, security and more.
  • Gain exclusive insights into regulatory innovation efforts (DHS, FAA)
  • Uncover new revenue or funding (grant or otherwise)
  • Learn innovation best practices for your airport
  • Promote your innovation to your mayor/board and the broader community.

After the first airports joined, we have many others on board.  

The Accelerator is an extension of your team. We see trends you need to know and bring it to your doorstep.

New Airport Members Welcome
The Accelerator Airport Partner Program (A2P2) is the premier platform for innovative airports to shape the future of our industry as active drivers of the Accelerator.

Members receive: 
  • Free Registrations for Innovation Forum
  • Recognition as Accelerator Members
  • Influence on Accelerator Focus-areas
  • Inclusion in Exclusive Solution Summits  
Annual Membership Dues by Airport Category:
  • Category X or 1: $5,000
  • Category 2: $3,000
  • Category 3 or 4: $2,000