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Robert Dick

President / ACG Systems

410-224-0227 (cell)| 
133 Defense Hwy. Suite 206 / Annapolis MD 21401

Solution Overview

How an airport operations or security center communicates every day can improve the efficiency of your daily operation, but that communication during an emergency or crisis may mean the difference between life and death. 

Using ACG Systems’ command & control solution, Scout, employees can access, operate and even patch phone and radio calls from a single IP platform and route the calls to communications, operations, security and other customer service personnel, all through an easy to use computer interface.

How it Works

Scout allows immediate and almost unlimited radio and phone access to an operator for daily and emergency use. The system runs on standard off-the- shelf PC and network equipment and can run over an airport’s LAN or V-LAN.

Scout is scalable from just a few positions up to hundreds of positions, with one touch access to thousands of speed dials defined by the airport. Additionally, Scout can be run in a mobile application via WIFI or LTE, and has an immediate recall recorder feature.

Airport Benefits

1. EXPAND your ability to communicate with various departments, agencies and airlines

2. IMPROVE the clarity and timing of communications via an intuitive computer interface and audio processing technology

3. CONNECT radio & telephone communications between those who could not previously communicate with each other

4. INCREASE productivity of airport personnel & operation center

5. MOBILITY of communications increases flexibility of operation and provides cost-effective emergency backup sites

6. ACCESS communication recordings immediately or store long term.

Airport Applications

An ACG provided Scout solution can increase an airport center’s access to radio systems for a vast array of organizations, including TSA, FAA, state and local police and fire departments, and airlines. The result? Faster communications with those organizations you talk to today, and also organizations that may not be accessible with your current technology.

The massive one-touch speed dial data base enables immediate call outs to both commonly called numbers as well as those infrequent but still critical contacts. This reduces time spent looking for numbers, increasing the time available to make better operational decisions.

The broadcasting and patching feature allows the airport to patch different departments, management levels and disparate organizations into call groups based on situations or areas of work. The broadcasting feature allows the operations center to put out advisories at one time to all parties in a call group instead of laboring through multiple calls.

The mobility feature enables a command center to have a cost effective emergency backup site or truly mobile operation through a laptop or a tablet application with access to all your communications.

The instant recall feature allows an airport operator to immediately playback a radio or phone call to verify what was just said. This enables quick relay of calls to law enforcement in the case of threats or a simple validation of important information. The recording feature also logs recordings to files to provide longer term records of all calls.

Key Terms

IP Consoles, command & control, interoperability, radio communications, telephone communications, speed dialing, mobile communications, instant recall recording, radio and telephone patching.