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Director, Evolv MOSAIQ

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Real-Time Video Intelligence Using Artificial Intelligence & Network of Human Agents

Solution Overview

Airport video systems are vastly underutilized for real-time purposes. Reams of video data are collected yet important moments are still overlooked because there simply aren't enough operators to watch all the cameras 24/7. Google has proven that a combination of machine learning and human networks allows for large scale systems that are flexible and very low-noise (false and nuisance alarms). MOSAIQ is a quantum leap in video intelligence using a Google-inspired AI + IQ approach.

How it Works

Give MOSAIQ an instruction (e.g., "Alert me if anyone crosses the fence line" or "Alert me if an unauthorized person is in a sensitive area") and it uses artificial intelligence trained by a private network of certified Human Agents to execute that instruction in real-time, while getting rid of the noise that abounds in video analytics. You or your staff receive alerts that are meaningful for the very first time. MOSAIQ delivers actionable alerts in real time, while significantly reducing false alarms that plague video analytics. MOSAIQ is a subscription based cloud offering with low bandwidth requirements (no need to stream video to the cloud).

Airport Benefits

  1. Catch important video moments in real-time, 24/7
  2. Get rid of the noise with minimal false and nuisance alarms
  3. Eliminate need for constant “tweaks” involved in rules-based technologies
  4. Receive notifications where you need them, via text or your existing interface

Airport Applications

Evolv Technology is tackling the problem that airports face by having hundreds of existing CCTV cameras at their disposal with limited staff that can monitor these at any given time. Airports have a mandate to drive enhanced safety and security, higher performing concessions, and better passenger experience, while improving efficiency and minimizing operating costs. Most new "solutions" require significant investment of capital and/or manpower. With a combination of AI and off-site human intelligence for training it in real-time, MOSAIQ can be deployed at your most pressing security, concessions, and operations challenges, without the need for additional manpower or infrastructure. MOSAIQ can be scaled up for busy travel periods, elevated threat levels,etc., scaled down, and re-tasked on demand as you see fit.

Key Terms

Video, Physical Security, Operations, Concessions, Artificial Intelligence, Human Network, Crowdsourcing