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Rachel Turner
RightCrowd Solutions LLC

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Airport Essentials provides an out of the box credentialing solution that is pre-configured for rapid and simple deployment in days, rather than months.

Solution Overview

RightCrowd Airport Essentials automates credentialing & compliance management tasks for both airport badging offices and authorized signatories, and is specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets for small to mid-sized airports.

How it Works

By extending our existing Workforce Essentials platform, RightCrowd will provide airport-specific forms and workflows. By pre-configuring the workflows, we can provide rapid deployment at a lower cost.

Airport Applications

Airport Badging Office. Airport Tenants & Contractors. Compliance/Audit Officers. Security Management. Airport Executive Offices.

Key Terms

Credentialing. Automated Workflows. Authorized Signatory Portal. Compliance Management. Audit & Reports. Dashboard. Visitor Management. Self-Service Kiosks