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Moving People. Making Connections.

Solution Overview

This is a dynamic time in travel that finds us at the intersection of technology, social networks and passengers’ desire to customize their travel experience. Airports are uniquely positioned to harness the change, flip the paradigm and “take back the traveler” by establishing a level of relationship not possible in years past. Airports acknowledge the rapid ascent of mobile, but few have developed an effective strategy to harness its reach and impact. Mostly because native apps are expensive to develop and the value proposition is weak for individual airport apps that struggle with low adoption and engagement rates.

SecurityPoint Media’s Universal Mobile Platform for airports changes all that. Simple. Global. Airport centric. Passenger focused. The platform gives airports access to a low-cost, low-friction solution that includes i) a robust Mobile App; ii) sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and; iii) actionable Business Intelligence (BI) functionality. It enhances the travel experience by enabling airports to establish authentic relationships with travelers and participate in two-way dialogue that improves service and delivers value by communicating information, adding convenience and saving travelers most valuable resource – time.

How it Works

It’s a consortium model. Passengers use ONE app in every airport to enjoy a familiar, yet customized experience depending on their geo-location. The consortium model enables airports of all sizes to harness the power of a robust code share platform, sharing the expense of core functionality while supporting airport specific branding and customization. It’s a mobile strategy “in a box” that is effective immediately and because the code is shared, it’s always being improved upon. As a result, network airports have access to the most current technology and most in demand features.  

Airport Benefits

  • Plug & Play Mobile Platform
  • Future proof as technology evolves
  • Developed by Airports for Airports
  • Cost to build, deploy and maintain is minimized
  • Seamlessly integrate unique local programs and databases at your airport
  • Improved service generates incremental non aeronautical revenue
  • Conduit for communication as a basis for forming a relationship with passengers
  • Broad appeal beyond the walls of any single airport drives downloads
  • Branded content and social media connectivity supports engagement
  • Passengers get access to My Travel, My Way™

Key Terms

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