Early Bird Training

Monday, July 18 | 1:00-5:00 p.m. (MT)

The Early Bird Training will be hosted at the wildlife facility at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC); transportation will be provided from the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown City Creek. The training will take an in-depth look at the raptor trapping program at SLC and will be broken down into three sessions:

  • The first session will be on trapping and trap design, focusing on the various traps that are used at SLC. The session will cover when, why, and for what species of birds these traps are used; trap construction and design; and will include hands-on ability to learn how to tie noose for common raptor traps.
  • The second session will focus on banding, handling, and holding of raptors. This session will give the opportunity to tour the facility that is used to hold birds during processing. There will be some hands-on training for banding of specimen birds, as well as how to age and sex birds to various age classes.
  • The third session will take a look at the Bird Banding Lab Bandit app, how to enter data, data entry issues, and how airports should be entering data into bandit.