Sponsor Information

This three-day conference highlights recent developments and ideas in addressing wildlife hazards to aircraft that occur in the airport environment. As an exhibitor, you will connect with more than 300 industry experts ready and eager to learn more about your products and services.
This powerful audience includes:

  • Airport employees who implement wildlife hazard management 
  • Military and civilian personnel responsible for airfield operations
  • FAA Certification Inspectors
  • FAA Environmental Protections Specialists
  • FAA and Military Air Traffic Control
  • USDA Wildlife Services personnel
  • Consultants, contractors and government employees involved in wildlife hazard management 
  • Pilots, airlines and aviation stakeholders
  • Equipment and technology companies/vendors
  • Land-use planners
  • University researchers and students
  • Waste management operators
  • Federal, State, and Local wildlife, wetland or natural resource managers
  • Anyone interested in controlling conflicts between birds and aviation

Sponsorships and exhibits are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so act now before these opportunities are gone. Gain an advantage over the competition before we sell out; sign up to exhibit or sponsor today. 

Sponsor Benefits

  • Complimentary conference registration (Sponsors contributing $2,000 USD or more will receive one complimentary registration).
  • Recognition in promotional materials distributed.
  • Listing in conference final program distributed to all attendees.
  • Your company's name and logo prominently displayed on signage at the sponsored event.
  • Verbal recognition at the sponsored event.
  • Complimentary roster of pre-registered attendees in Excel format for use in pre-show promotions.
  • Post-conference roster of attendees in Excel format to follow up on sales leads.

Available Opportunities

U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.
Lanyards (sponsor must provide)  Sponsored by:

Name badges (company logo on all attendee badges)  $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD  
Note pads and pens (sponsor must provide)    $3,500 USD / $4,650 CAD  

Tuesday, August 13
Exclusive  Co-sponsorship
 SOLD! Continental breakfast

 $2,000 USD / $2,640 CAD
Co-Sponsored by:

 Morning refreshment break $3,500 USD / $4,650 CAD
$1,750 USD / $2,325 CAD 
Co-Sponsored by:
 Lunch $6,000 USD / $7,950 CAD
$3,000 USD / $3,975 CAD 
 Afternoon refreshment break $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD
 $2,000 USD / $2,660 CAD
 Welcome Reception $10,000 USD / $13,200 CAD   $2,000 USD / $2,660 CAD

Wednesday, August 14
 Exclusive  Co-sponsorship 
 Continental breakfast $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD
 $2,000 USD / $2,640 CAD
 Morning refreshment break $3,500 USD / $4,650 CAD
$1,750 USD / $2,325 CAD 
 Afternoon refreshment break  $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD  $2,000 USD / $2,660 CAD
Thursday, August 23
 Exclusive  Co-sponsorship
 Continental breakfast $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD
$2,000 USD / $2,640 CAD 
 Morning refreshment break $3,500 USD / $4,650 CAD
$1,750 USD / $2,325 CAD 
 Lunch $6,000 USD / $7,950 CAD $3,000 USD / $3,975 CAD 
 Afternoon refreshment break $4,000 USD / $5,300 CAD   $2,000 USD / $2,660 CAD


For additional information please contact Amanda McCollough at 703.575.2464.

Thank you for you agreeing to sponsor this AAAE event. By submitting your sponsorship registration your company agrees to pay AAAE for the sponsorship selected no later than Friday July 5, in order to guarantee execution of sponsorship benefits. Please note that costs listed do not represent the full cost of the event or item. Bird Strike Committee USA/AAAE reserves the right to list companies as co-sponsors of events or items. Contributions made to Bird Strike Committee USA/AAAE for the sponsorship program will be used to enhance the overall conference experience and help defray costs of the conference. No refunds or cancellations may be issued at any time for sponsorship.