GISCI GISP Certification Points

Continuing Education Units

In addition to the AAAE 18 CEU’s, the GISCI gives GISP points for the following:

(Attendees are required to submit proof of attendance for credit.)

                                                                                      Classification        Credit                    Recert. Credit
Geospatial Conference (16 Hours)                       

Conference Attendee                                                   EDU                       0.4                                   2.66


Workshop Attendee                                                      EDU                       0.075                               0.5         


Workshop Instructor                                                     CON                       3                                      9                             


Presenter                                                                         CON                      1                                      3


Poster Presenter                                                             CON                      1                                     3


Poster Award Winner                                                    CON                       2                                     6

Questions/Certificate of Attendance

If you have any questions or would like to request your certificate of attendance, please contact Janet Bennett at or 703.797.2533.