Technology & Business Partners Showcase


All exhibitors and sponsors will have the opportunity to make a 5-minute presentation about their product or service to attendees. Presentations are limited to ONE person per company and you must adhere to the 5-minute time allotment. Please rehearse your presentation to ensure it is no longer than 5 minutes.  Time slots will be assigned in the order in which we receive presentations.


The Technology & Business Partners Showcase will be held on Monday, July 20. from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. This timing is subject to change. 

Time slots during these sessions will be assigned based the date your presentation is submitted in consideration with your registration date. Each company will be allotted a maximum of 5 minutes for their presentation.

Deadlines & File Requirements

In order to participate, your presentation/video MUST be submitted to Janet Bennett, AAAE, by Friday, July 3rd. PRESENTATIONS MAY NOT BE PROVIDED ON-SITE. After all presentations have been received, we will notify you of your assigned time slot.

NOTE: If your PPT file has a video embedded, please submit the raw file for the video as well. PowerPoint files often fail to properly play videos and we need to have the file separately as backup. If you do not submit the video file separately, we cannot guarantee successful showing of your presentation.