General Information

Hub Winter Operations & Deicing Conference and Exhibition

Although the conference originally grew as a resource for large hub operators, medium and small hubs have begun attending as well and have found the discussions to be extremely beneficial. As more southern regions become part of the winter discussion we strongly encourage all southern airports to continue attending this important annual event.  

This increasingly popular annual conference will focus on the challenges associated with winter operations at airports and take an in-depth look at the issues, regulations and new technologies associated with winter operations overall. Through detailed presentations, technology updates and informative roundtable discussions, this conference will allow key airport, airline and air traffic control decision-makers to address complex issues surrounding winter operations at hub airports. The conference will feature case studies illustrating approaches to snow and ice removal from the most recent winter season as well as a broader look at IROPS including all emergency events. Attendees will receive updates on compliance and regulatory actions from the FAA, as well as exploring the anatomy of a single storm from differing perspectives, i.e. airport, airlines, ATC, etc.

Why attend? Learn about the value of the conference from attendees:

Past Topics

  • Winter 2017-2018 Case Studies
  • All Emergency Events
  • FAA Regulatory Update
  • Play by Play of a Single Storm
  • Deicing Plans
  • Technology Showcase

Who Should Attend?

  • Small, Medium & Large Hub Airports
  • Airlines
  • Consultants
  • Academia
  • Manufacturers
  • Government Officials