IET-LS Features

  • Centrally managed platform
  • Secure login with administration roles
  • Ability to access training from any location
  • Downloadable results and reports
  • Integration with badging software
  • Automated recurrent testing notifications to tenants
  • Control of course curriculum for each trainee
  • High definition video support
  • Import local training content for consolidated reporting

IET-LS is flexible.

Regulations, airport layouts and badge colors change over time, so the new IET- LS platform has been built to accommodate quick and easy changes. Recurrent training is scenario-based content that tests application, not just knowledge, and can reduce training times up to seventy-five percent compared to using initial training for existing employees. IET-LS includes a comprehensive Learning Suite, which writes scoring back to a central server and can communicate directly with your badging system.

IET-LS is scalable.

IET-LS runs on multiple platforms, allowing employees to train in a variety of ways away from the training room and provides a heightened user experience through quality, high definition content and engaging interaction. The comprehensive Learning Suite allows each airport to centrally manage its training system and track and report results regardless of where an employee completes their training.

IET-LS is customizable.

Each airport is unique with distinctive training challenges. IET-LS supports custom training content to fulfill each unique need. No matter what the topic, IET-LS can cover it.