About the Forum

We're taking it back to where it all began with a fully re-imagined 6th Annual AAAE Airport Innovation Forum. Discuss applied innovation with other decision-makers, budget owners and aviation professionals who need to move the needle on their business through innovation. Overcome your challenges and learn from those outside airports so you can get the results you need.  

Past topics have included:

  • Featured innovation from outside airports
  • Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL)
  • Smart City and Cyber Security
  • Digital Engagement
  • Disruptive innovations like AI, VR, IoT
  • Tips and Tricks for Effective Innovation
  • Passenger Experience
  • Regulatory Innovation with DHS and FAA
  • Airport Shark Tank
  • Airport Innovation Awards

Airport Innovation Awards

See who is on the cutting edge - and how they're doing it - as the Airport Innovation Awards are presented at the Forum. Want to earn recognition for your airport? Enter the awards via the Innovation Index by Friday, May 15, 2020.