General Information

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is pleased to present the Airport Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Training School to be held May 7-9, 2019 in Alexandria, VA at the AAAE Conference Center. This course is derived from a training course required by California state law. LEOs and any aviation personnel with security responsibilities are encouraged to take this important course, which will prepare them to protect airports and the aviation system in this time of unprecedented security requirements. More than 900 LEOs, TSA and aviation security personnel across the U.S., Canada and Guam have attended the previous training courses.


 This training is valuable for new and experienced security staff who are assigned to an airport or have security responsibilities anywhere in the aviation industry. The material covered can be applied to small, medium or large hub airports anywhere. The following persons should attend:
  • Airport LEOs 
  • Airport Security Coordinators 
  • Federal Security Directors 
  • Airport Directors 
  • Others with security responsibilities in aviation

Note: This course does NOT meet the ASC training requirement in TSR 1542.3 or the 832.1 requirement in California.


Taught as a combination of presentations, case studies, group exercises and demonstrations by experienced LEOs at some of the world's busiest international airports, this training will cover topics (subject to change) that include:

  • Active Shooter
    Lessons learned and response tactics
  • History of Aviation Security
    Standards for aviation security, related historical events, recent federal acts
  • Legal Aspects of Aviation Security
    Enforcing regulations, case studies: legal vs. illegal, search and seizure, express and implied consent, civil and criminal penalties, role of FBI
  • Current Threat Assessment to Civil Aviation
    Terrorist causes, types of threats, targeted areas around airfield, activity before potential attacks
  • The Role of TSA and FAA in Law Enforcement
    Responsibilities for passenger screening, perimeter screening, hijack management, providing intelligence, safety standards, hazardous materials
  • Incident Command
    Structures, uses, benefits
  • Case Study Exercises
    Active Shooter, Natural Disasters, Security Breaches, Emergency Management & More
  • Terminal Evacuations
    Floor warden program/monitors, repopulation, working with airport tenants, effect on airport operations
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Prevention, awareness standards, response coordination, evidence collection
  • Hijack Management
    Airline/LEO responsibilities, command post operation
  • Airport-Specific Crimes
    Unattended luggage, restrooms, distraction thefts, parking lot/vehicle crimes, criminal characteristics
  • Dealing with the Media
    Preparing media plans/press releases, what media will want and do