About the National Airports Conference

Sharing Solutions, Shaping Our Future

Delegates to AAAE’s National Airports Conference (NAC) will gather in San Antonio in 2019 to discuss timely topics, engage in important networking events, participate in debates over the future direction of the nation’s aviation industry, and have the opportunity for a private tours of Kelly Field and San Antonio International Airport. The 2019 NAC, hosted by Port San Antonio and the San Antonio Airport System, will focus on steps the industry can take to create strategies that work in today’s and tomorrow’s aviation marketplace. The theme this year is Sharing Solutions, Shaping Our Future.  We hope you will join us in doing just that!

This signature AAAE event will begin with two networking receptions: one for newcomers to AAAE and/or the NAC, followed by a reception for all delegates, newcomers and veterans alike. These introductory gathering will allow delegates to meet their colleagues in an informal setting and will set the tone for the two days of discussions that will follow.

Plan to arrive early in San Antonio to take advantage of additional educational opportunities by attending the AAAE Accreditation Final Interview Workshop and AAAE Essentials of Airport Business Management Workshop as well as everything San Antonio has to offer!

It is impossible to apply a holistic approach to aviation problems, if the only point of reference is the local airport. The National Airports Conference provides a unique opportunity for aviation stakeholders to meet face-to-face with the brain trust of the industry. Every time I attend the NAC, I gain a greater understanding of legislative and regulatory changes and the best practices for providing safe and efficient environments for the traveling public.
Alvester T. “Toney” Coleman, A.A.E. | Fayetteville Regional Airport