Track Preview: Airside/Engineering

Timothy Fish, P.E.
Associate Vice-President | South Florida Principal, HDR

Track Host
, Airside/Engineering Track

The ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium being held February 21-23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, will once again feature an Airside/Engineering track. The Airfield is a constantly evolving space.  Airport engineers won’t want to miss an opportunity to hear about best practices that can be implemented at your ongoing projects.  Expect topics on runway rehabilitation, a review of how various size General Aviation airports are overcoming development challenges, and a discussion around creative and innovative project methods.

The sessions are as follows:

Creative/Innovative Airfield Projects - Having an active construction site in the heart of an operating airport presents unique challenges.  This session will focus on how our experts are using creativity and innovation to clearly communicate impacts to operations so that Airport Staff, Contractors and the Design Team can minimize these impacts while improving safety.

Future of Airfield Projects - An increasing number of airports are recognizing the benefits of sustainability and have embraced rating systems such as LEED for their buildings and facilities. However, there has been minimal guidance on integrating sustainability into airfield design - resulting in missed opportunities. This session will focus on two airports who have effectively implemented and measured sustainability on their airfield projects, leveraging the Envision rating system.

Rehabilitating Runways - Without a safe and operational runway, an airport is unable to serve its community.  For many of our airports, rehabilitating these key pieces of infrastructure present very interesting challenges.  These session will focus on how the experts in our industry have collaborated and delivered solutions to these challenges and kept their airports open for service.

Changing GA Landscape - Hear highlights on the content and development process of ACRP Report 113, along with a panel discussion of unique GA development challenges and solutions at a variety of different size airports. Learn how others are accommodating the ever-changing landscape of GA needs, growth, and development.  

Upcoming Airfield Programs - Catapulting Growth at the World's Most Traveled Airports - A panel discussion involving several key aviation program and project leads sharing lessons learned from delivery of large scale program. 

We hope to see you in New Orleans! Be sure to view the full agenda or register today!