Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Workshop (Virtual)

With squeezes on other airport funding sources, airport sponsors are challenged to develop financially feasible capital improvement programs. PFCs are a significant funding source for almost every large, medium, small and non-hub airport in the U.S. The PFC Workshop will offer airport sponsors an overview of the PFC process and the opportunity to hear the FAA’s perspective on PFCs. 

During this workshop, attendees will gain current updates on the PFC program and will have the opportunity to interact with other airport executives, members of the financial community, FAA staff and other PFC stakeholders. 

Potential topics include: 

  • PFC 101 - An overview of PFCs, including project eligibility, uses of PFC revenue, and the application process
  • FAA Updates
  • A discussion of best practices and helpful hints for collaboration with the FAA
  • Review of recent PFC program updates and initiatives provided by FAA staff
  • PFC maintenance - SOAR, amendment process, monitoring collections and expenditures, audit requirements and procedures, and closeout Financing considerations and objectives for PFC-backed bonds and recommended approaches to leveraging PFC revenues