Rates & Charges Workshop (Virtual)

Continued uncertainty with respect to the U.S. and global economies and the airlines’ collective response to these and other considerations make the process of establishing airline rates and charges an even more challenging process than it historically has been. In developing airline rates and charges budgets and forecasts, airport managers rely on inputs from many sources and must deal with both expected and unexpected variability in activity levels, revenues, expenses, and capital requirements. 

This workshop on airport rate-setting and revenue development will provide airport managers and aviation professionals with the information and tools necessary preserve the financial health of their airports and their relationships with their airline and other stakeholders.

Both veterans and novices in the aviation industry will find valuable and timely information at this workshop. The program will include presentations from airport executives, airline representatives, attorneys, consultants and government officials. This workshop is designed to allow for maximum interaction between attendees and industry participants.

This workshop will cover the topics such as:
  • A legal and regulatory framework of rates and charges
  • An overview of airline rates and charges accounting framework and cost center allocations
  • An overview of airline rates and charges, including basic mechanics and methodologies
  • Recent trends in airport-airline agreements and airport per use fees and common use charges
  • A look at the importance of planned airline activity on budgeted rates and charges
  • Overview of rate-setting context for non-aeronautical services and facilities, including ground transportation providers (e.g., taxis, limos, shuttles, and transportation network companies) and rental car customer facility charges (CFCs)
  • Advice from industry professionals regarding airline and airport perspectives on rates and charges and credit considerations
  • Airport capital program funding strategies and credit market perspective