General Information

December 9-11, 2019 | Phoenix, Arizona

Despite significant efforts by industry and regulators, we have been unable to drive down the number of runway incursions in recent years. Rising passenger traffic will eventually force a corresponding increase in operations in the coming years.  Basic math shows that if the aviation industry is unable to curb the incursion rate in the near future, we stand a great risk for a major incident.

In an effort to combat this challenge, several lines of business within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have taken steps in an attempt to thwart such an occurrence. A few of these efforts include a recent industry-wide call to action on Runway Safety, the Office of Airports’ Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) program and recent efforts on both airline and airport Safety Management Systems (SMS). This Summit will explore the specifics of these and other new initiatives in which airports, airlines, pilots and other industry professionals will need to engage in order to do their part in maintaining and strengthening the culture of safety on our nation’s runways.   

The summit will closely examine FAA policies and procedures intended to enhance aviation safety and highlight airport best practices in the field. The summit will also bring together federal policymakers, airport operators and managers, airline safety professionals and consultants to present the latest information and engage in meaningful discussion about advancements in runway and airport safety, including improving runway safety areas, runway excursion mitigation, runway incursion mitigation and technology developments.

Highlights of the Summit Agenda Will Include:

  • A discussion on Airports SMS Implementation
  • Updates from FAA's Office of Runway Safety
  • Runway Excursions and Incursions: Data Trends and Case Studies
  • Update on NextGen Implementation
  • Safety Considerations Surrounding Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Human Factors in Runway Safety
  • Ramp Operations: Best Practices and Safety Procedures
  • Managing FOD and Runway Contamination
  • Wildlife Management Practices

Who Should Attend?

  • Airport Directors
  • Airport Operations Personnel
  • Airline Safety Professionals and Consultants
  • Manufacturers of Airfield Safety Equipment and Technology
  • Federal regulators and policymakers
  • General Aviation Professionals