Airport Shark Tank

The Airport Shark Tank is where innovators test their ideas on stage with airport industry leaders.

Presenters gain valuable exposure to investors, airport decision makers, DHS executives, and potential industry partners, and the winner receives a slot in the Airport Market Match program.

Each startup will have 5 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes of questions.

2017 Airport Security Shark Tank Judges:

Dr. Reggie Brothers, Principal, The Chertoff Group
Dr. Reginald Brothers served as the Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from 2014 to 2017. Prior to leading S&T, Dr. Brothers was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research in the Department of Defense. Currently Dr. Brothers is a principal at the Chertoff Group.

Kim Day, CEO, Denver International Airport
Kim Day began leading Denver International Airport, "the sixth-busiest commercial airport in the United States," in April 2008. The airport boasts a robust network of 180 destinations served, including an ever-growing list of international destinations. Reappointed to her position as the chief executive officer in 2011 by Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, she has continued her vision for the region's primary economic engine.

Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger
Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger was appointed in 2015 by President Obama to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a position he held until January 2017. Prior to this he enjoyed a distinguished and high-profile 34-year career in the US Coast Guard, most recently serving as the 29th Vice Commandant, in addition to previous assignments that included Deputy Commandant for Operations and Deputy National Incident Commander for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, the largest and most complex in US history. When he took the helm of the embattled TSA, the agency’s challenges were substantial and numerous. His subsequent transformation of the entire organization earned the TSA widespread recognition as the turnaround agency of the year and led to his being named one of the 25 most influential business travel executives of 2016 by Business Travel News. He holds an MPA from Harvard University, an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College, an MA in Business Management from Central Michigan University, and a BA from Baldwin Wallace University, from where he recently received an honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Public Service). He is a two-time recipient of the Department of Homeland Security’s Distinguished Service Medal and is a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Northeastern University and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government.

Evan Burfield, Co-Founder of 1776 and Union
Evan Burfield is the cofounder of 1776, a global incubator program and seed fund, focused on startups tackling global challenges in areas including education, health, energy and the environment, transportation, and cities. Evan is also a founding member of K Street Capital, an angel network connecting entrepreneurs with the social, political, and financial capital within Washington, DC.
2017 Airport Security Shark Tank Companies:

Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown System is a active shooter threat mitigation technology comprised of gunshot sensors developed by the Department of Energy and integrated into the EAGL system. The dual validation zero false read sensors operate on a 433kHz wireless sensors are the size of a 50cent piece and can be placed anywhere as they do not require wiring.  The dual validation is built into the microprocessor and provides a zero false read technology.  The sensors automatically send notification of shots fired to EAGL. EAGL upscales and automatically sends notification of shots fired along with building map/shooter location to law enforcement GSOC, EOC and mobile devices including ballistic data. Separate commands are automatically sent to access doors to lockdown, nearest camera to shooter to live stream and to public address, digital display, commuter cell phones and mass comm systems to notify and direct to safety and/or if someone has called in a false alarm.  This is brand new disruptive technology, can operate indoor/outdoor and can rapidly deploy.  EAGL can integrate with most any EOC, access, cctv or mass com system - we have an open API. This is state of the art technology and ideal for airport security as it provides an extra tier of protection and immediate situational awareness very early on in the active shooter threat which saves lives and reduces injury.

ELERTS is the leading provider of See Something Say Something mobile apps, with 16 innovative transit agencies receiving crowd-sourced safety & security concerns from employees and the public.  Whether the problem is in a public or sterile area, the Security Operations center can receive immediate situation awareness.  With ELERTS app, anyone at the airport can submit an incident report in under 20 seconds with a photo or video clip.  SSSS campaigns have unrealized potential, as many people will not call 911 and walking up to a LEO, can seem intimidating.  Hence, many suspicious activities go unreported. People want to help with public safety but they do not want to be delayed or become more 'in it' than they wish.  Thousands of people in airports can help police and security teams with ELERTS incident reporting app.

Seattle-based ImageSleuth, Inc. is a software company offering a real-time video analytics solution that enhances monitoring, forensic and redaction tasks and serves as a force multiplier for security and public safety officials who are struggling to keep up with the volume of data being generated by their IP camera networks. ImageSleuth detects and tracks people and collects 50 attributes about each person. These attributes include demography: age, gender, and ethnicity; descriptive: hair and eye color, facial hair, eyewear, hat and clothing color; sentiment; focus of attention and much more. 

Karsa offer explosives detection solutions with very high sensitivity and specificity which revolutionise the security processes in civil aviation, being more reliable and cost efficient than current approaches. Karsa envisions to deploy its touch-less technology into all areas of aviation security: passenger checkpoints, carry on luggage, checked luggage and cargo.

Hive-IQ™ allows teams whose focus is to observe and understand a threat, to automate, visualize, and manage each step of the analysis process and provide actionable and timely information to decision-makers in real-time and across geographically separated location. Track real-time incident conditions to ensure a fast and complete response for the entire organization and for all incident types from malware to global cyber threats. This agile, smart, and dynamic analysis capability ensures organizations can meet the complex attacks of today.