Shake hands with Senior Airport Security Professionals


As one of the top-attended security events in Washington, D.C., this important annual summit brings together senior leadership from DHS and the TSA with airport operators and other key personnel in security policy and operations for an intensive day and a half conference. Meet this senior leadership face-to-face and display your products and services by exhibiting at this once a year summit. The Security Summit continues to be THE industry conference for airport security. Show the people that matter most exactly what you have to offer in an intimate, interactive format.

In particular, the summit sessions will focus on issues such as innovation at the checkpoint, checkpoint wait time mitigation strategies, insider threat, employee screening, airport access control, public area security, cybersecurity at airports, passenger, checked baggage and cargo screening operations, technology deployment and funding issues, recent legislative initiatives, general aviation security, and domestic and international programs to facilitate passenger travel.

Sampling of attendee titles from 2019

• Airport Deputy Director, Operations & Security
• Airport Director
• Airport Operations and Safety Officer
• Airport Operations Duty Manager
• Airport Security Coordinator
• Asst. Administrator for Intelligence and Analysis     
• Asst. Director, Aviation Security & Technology
• Asst. Federal Security Director
• Asst. Manager, Office of Airport Security
• Attorney Advisor
• Aviation Manager and Airport Security Coordinator 
• Aviation Security Advisor
• Chief Safety & Security Officer
• Chief Technology Officer
• Deputy Director, Security
• Deputy Federal Security Director
• Deputy Program Manager, Cargo Screening
• Director of Airport Security
• Director, Aviation Credentialing
• Director, Aviation Security
• Director, Federal Airport Security
• Director, Homeland Security Strategic Initiatives      
• Director, Transportation Security Operations
• Manager of Airport Security, Compliance & Enforcement
• Manager, FAA and Homeland Security Programs
• Managing Director, Government Relations
• Public Safety Director
• Sr. Counsel
• Sr. Manager, Airport Security
• VP, Homeland Security Strategic Initiatives
• VP, Safety, Security and Regulation
• VP & Airport Manager