General Information

The Basic Airport Winter Operations Specialist (BAWOS)
The Basic Airport Winter Operations Specialist (BAWOS) course educates airport employees, including snowplow and airport equipment operators, on how to utilize best practices while performing snow and ice control measures on airports during winter operations.

The Basic Curriculum includes...

  • Airport Winter Safety and Operation Advisory Circular
  • Material Resource Applications
  • Communication Module
  • Current Equipment Designs
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Human Resource Factors
  • Current Regulatory Requirements
  • SMS during Winter Operations
  • Aircraft Deicing

Individuals must graduate from BAWOS before moving on to the more advanced AAWOS course.

The Advanced Airport Winter Operations Specialist (AAWOS)**
The Advanced Airport Winter Operations Specialist (AAWOS) course is designed to provide airport supervisors, managers, and directors with a stronger knowledge of how to operate safe, efficient, and successful winter operations that meet regulatory and fiscal requirements of a FAR Part 139 certificated airport including...

  • regulations that enhance airfield safety
  • materials and equipment that save time and money
  • inspiring your crew to peak performance
  • understanding FAR Part 139

Participants in the Advanced curriculum must take a final exam that includes the development of...

  • snow and ice control plan
  • fleet of equipment and staffing
  • winter event cost analysis

** Prerequisites: Basic Snow Academy Completion is required for all candidates registering for the Advanced Snow Academy.