Hub Airports Winter Operations & Deicing Conference

July 21-23, 2024 | Pittsburgh, PA

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AAAE/NEC AAAE International Aviation Basic Snow Academy

July 24-25, 2024 | Pittsburgh International Airport


This curriculum is designed to provide Airport Operators guidance to implement a well-rounded approach to their winter operations training needs. 

The information contained within this course reflects the current FAA Advisory Circulars pertaining to (AC) 150/5210-20 Ground Vehicle Operations on Airports, AC 150/5200-30 Airport Winter Safety and Operations, AC 150/5220-20 Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment, FAR Part 139 Certification of Airports, and actual Airport Snow and Ice Control Plans.

This course is intended to educate the Airport Equipment Operator, Airport Operations Specialist, and other individuals performing Snow and Ice Control Measures on Airports. The information contained within is to provide each attendee sufficient knowledge of the following:

  1. Human Factors that impact safety and efficiencies during winter operations.
  2. The applicable regulations for Snow and Ice Control measures at FAR Part 139 Certificated and now certificated airports.
  3. The Chemical and aggregate available to airports. How they are applied and performance expectations.
  4. Aircraft Deicing impact on airport winter operations.
  5. Safety Management System (SMS) applications during winter operations.
  6. Interpreting and responding to Winter Weather Forecasting.
  7. Snow and Ice Control Equipment.
  8. Safe and applicable communication regulations, techniques and application.


This two-day training course is $595 for Members and $695 for Non-Members.

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Day 1

10:00 am—10:10 am - Welcome Remarks
10:10 am—11:00 am - Human Factors
11:00 am—11:10 am - Break
11:10 am—12:00 pm - Human Factors
12:00 pm—12:45 pm - Lunch Break
12:45 pm—1:30 pm - Applicable Regulations
1:30 pm—1:35 pm - Break
1:35 pm—2:20 pm - Applicable Regulations
2:20 pm—2:30 pm - Break
2:30 pm—3:15 pm - Material Resources
3:15 pm—3:20 pm - Break
3:20 pm—3:50 pm - Material Resources
3:50 pm—4:30 pm - Aircraft Deicing
4:30 pm—4:40 pm - Break
4:40 pm—5:00 pm - Aircraft Deicing

Day 2

10:00 am—10:50 am - SMS
10:50 am—11:00 am - Break
11:00 am—11:30 am - SMS
11:30 am—12:00 pm - Winter Weather Forecasting
12:00 pm—12:45 pm - Lunch Break
12:45 pm—1:30 pm - Winter Weather Forecasting
1:30 pm—1:40 pm - Break
1:40 pm—2:30 pm - Snow Removal Equipment
2:30 pm—2:40 pm - Break
2:40 pm—3:20 pm - Snow Removal Equipment
3:20 pm—3:30 pm - Break
3:30 pm—4:20 pm - Communications
4:20 pm—4:30 pm - Break
4:30 pm—5:00 pm - Training Conclusion and Q&A



Matthew Gabbert

Senior Manager, Airfield Maintenance
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Matthew Gabbert is currently the Senior Manager of Airfield Maintenance at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Matthew is responsible of the daily oversight of the airfield and landside maintenance at CVG. Matthew is currently working on his 23 year of service at CVG. Matthew has held many previous roles and has worked him self up the ranks while starting as summer seasonal employee while he was attending college. Matthew has attend the University of Kentucky and Northern Kentucky University. He has a BA in Organizational Leadership. He is a proud member of the International Aviation Snow Symposium for over 10 years. He is very active and has helped put together the Snow Academies and the Operator of the Year award since their inception at the IASS. Matthew is married to Deanna. They have 2 sons, Cody and Carter.


James J. Moorhead, C.M.

Director, Airport Operations
Pittsburgh International Airport
James Moorhead C.M. Director, Airport Operations Jim leads the Airport Operation team at Pittsburgh International Airport, Allegheny County Airport Authority. His current role is the Director of Airport Operations. Jim has been with Pittsburgh International Airport for twenty-eight (28) years in various roles from the Airport Operations Duty Manager to the Superintendent of Airfield Maintenance. Jim is a Certified Member of AAAE. He’s been on the International Aviation Snow Symposium Committee since 2011. He’s considered an industry expert and has provided numerous presentations for American Associates of Airport Executives (AAAE) and the International Aviation Snow Symposium (IASS). He assisted with the development and curriculum of the International Snow Academies basic and advanced classes for the Northeast Chapter of AAAE and still teaches the classes for AAAE/IASS. He currently resides in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Upper Saint Clair with his wife and three children.


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