Airport 101

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New for 2019, Airport 101 is a comprehensive course to bring anyone new to the airport community up to speed. Airport 101 is the perfect starter for:

  • New airport employees
  • New tenant employees
  • Board of Directors and Commissioners
  • New corporate sales reps in the airport space
  • Students starting out in airport management
  • Anyone interested in learning more about how airports work

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to the Aviation Industry

The Airport 101 series of programs has been developed to introduce you to the basics of airport operations and management. In this program we will discuss the process of how the US airport and National Airspace System was developed; how flying and flight operations work in the US; and airport organization and regulations. While historical references may seem inane they are actually quite important to the Airport Executive. Many of the regulations and “the why of things,” can be found by looking to the past.

Module 2: The Birth of Commercial Aviation

This program explores the birth and maturation of commercial aviation and what drove its development.

Module 3: Airport Development and Funding

This program explains about airport development and basics of airport finance and funding.

Module 4: Ownership, Organization and Staffing

Learn about how airport ownership, organization and staffing work, and how each fits into the bigger picture at the airport.

Module 5: Part 139 Overview Operations

A safe operation is a primary responsibility of any manager of a public facility or transportation provider. This Airport 101 segment focuses on FAR Part 139, the principal regulation that covers U.S. commercial airports, the Airport Self-Inspection Program, the Airport Movement and Safety Areas, the Airport Emergency Plan and the Airport Security Plan.

Module 6: Finance

This segment reviews the basics of airport financing, including locally generated revenues, such as rates and charges, passenger facility charges and funding from other sources, such as bonds and the Airport Improvement Program.

Module 7: The Airport Marketplace

Airport marketing comes in many forms. At the small airport level it may be simply to promote fundamental businesses to the community and attract transient aircraft, along with the occasional based tenant. This program focuses on the fundamentals of the Airport Marketplace.

Available on the IET-LS and Digicast training platforms.