2018 Hurricane Relief Fund

AAAE and ACI-NA have been working closely with the airports affected by Hurricane Michael, which wreaked havoc through a wide swath of the Florida panhandle and Southeastern US.  Many airport employees in the region area have been impacted by the devastation, including the loss of homes and other personal property.

As we have done in the past when disaster strikes, AAAE and ACI-NA have jointly established a relief effort for airport employees impacted by this devastating natural disaster. Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law and 100 percent of funds contributed will be distributed to those affected. Please give generously and thank you in advance for your support.

Please give generously.  Please contact AAAE’s Gwen Basaria or ACI-NA’s Debby McElroy with any questions.  

Thank you for your support of our industry colleagues.